EP 22: Independent Music – song writing, recording, albums, & being a Musician

EP 22: Independent Music – song writing, recording, albums, & being a Musician


On podcast Ep 22 we chat with my buddy Eli. He is the lead song writer and lead singer for This Island Earth. We get into the technical parts of making experimental music… and the highs and lows of being a musician and an artist.

Connect with the band here:  https://www.thisislandearthisalive.com/

Watch our podcast on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7AX_xPu7Rg&t=188s

IdeaHug Podcast Episode 13: Uber Cooking & RideShare Partying

Lets take the inspiration from Uber’s Ride share business ideas and blow it up! What about Cooking? People using their gifts and passions for cooking to make extra income and have a damn good time. The applications for this are endless. Good food is one of the things that life is all about.

You are free to listen to this episode and run with these ideas. Discuss them and go get crazy with them!


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