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May 28

Podcast EP 12: Relationship Chemistry and Romance Energy

Podcast EP 12: Relationship Chemistry and Romance Energy   Talking about relationship chemistry is so fun. Tonight’s Listener Submitted idea is to use data collection to better understand human chemistry and interpersonal energy. What if there was a website that could tell you what kind of people you will have good chemistry with? Who your […]

May 14

IdeaHug Episode 11: Rent a Wingman – The art of the Wingman

-Watch and Listen on IdeaHug Episode 11: Rent a Wingman – The art of the Wingman What if we could rent wingpeople just like we rent Uber drivers. And these Wingmen are super skilled and come highly rated. They will show you a good time, class up your night, and hopefully get you laid.  Now, […]

May 14

IdeaHug Podcast EP 10: A College Major in Selfishness

  IdeaHug Podcast EP 10: A College Major in Selfishness   I think a 4 year degree in selfishness would work. How many of us were never taught the following?: to rely on ourselves for comfort and peace and happiness to trust our own hearts to love and take care care of ourselves before anything […]

May 09

IdeaHug PODCAST EP 9: Coaching People to be OBSESSED with Success

What if wild and crazy obsession is the key to accomplishment and success?

May 06

IdeaHug Podcast EP 8: A Serendipity Tracking Website

What about a website that tracks Serendipity? Listen to the discussion above.  We all love stories about Serendipity and this potential website could be a massive blast of positive energy and self help. But as we hug this idea, we find that there is so much more to the idea of Serendipity and how it […]

May 04

Go Girl stand up Pee Pee invention = I love this Idea!

Yes, I am a man. Yes, I do not know if this thing works well. But Please let me know if these devices work. I hug this idea, but I wanna hear from some ladies that can say that this thing is a game changer. Lemme know. check them out at GO GIRL stand up […]

April 27

Get your shit together! Marvel vs DC meme

  Haha! Bring your best this summer!   …………………………………………………………………. -Submit your IDEAHUG.COM ideas to and we will try to give mad love to you and your sweet little baby idea! -Listen to the podcast here on the site. -Find IDEAHUG on Twitter and Instagram at @ideahug -Watch and Listen on Youtube -Subscribe to the Podcast […]